The Magic in the Moment


I have often loved reading those articles about the great sportsmanship and the amazing moments that happen when someone lifts someone else up in ways we never knew possible. When athletes triumph, and when those around them stand to the side to allow the moment to be everything it dictates…. When the other team carries someone around the bases to log her first career homerun… when a cancer warrior steps out onto a field of dreams and watches the magic unfold. I was a lucky witness to have lived one of those moments just a few weeks ago. Here is the story of one such warrior named Cole … [Read more...]

Through Broken Pieces, We Mend


Those days when the nights seem to never end and the days drag on… The beat in your chest races then fades away. And little by little there is a faint, dim light that keeps fading too. And your only hope now is that it doesn’t go all the way out. You pull, it tugs. You let go at the wrong time. Timing is everything. And no matter what you do, you just can’t pull it all back together.   Being human includes broken pieces. The ones that shatter or break into a million pieces. The ones you don’t even know you can find to put back together again. And it includes the pieces that … [Read more...]

Strong is the New Everything

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  As a coach, something I know for sure my players always heard me repeat is this simple reminder/mantra: “We may be outplayed, but we will never be outclassed, we will never be out-hustled, and we will never be out-conditioned…physically or mentally.” Being strong in the parts of the game and even life you can control is completely up to you. It doesn’t take much, but what you can gain from the process of becoming strong is something you can’t replace if you don’t have it.   I watched the Women’s World Cup Soccer match between the US and Japan and found myself smiling at … [Read more...]

To Succeed… Just Show Up.


It would be so easy if this were the only piece of the puzzle needed to be a successful athlete, coach, business person, partner, parent, friend… but the truth is, there may be more to this than you think.   Success can be measured in so many aspects and a million different ways to find its meaning and purpose in your life. But seeing that those who win take this to heart, I think we need to examine what makes a true champion in the very first moments of creation. And what makes those who don’t commit always to this one simple rule, fall short every time.   I watched the … [Read more...]

Maybe We Should Just Celebrate

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I am writing this on a Monday. For many, today is the most loathed day of the week. But for me, today is a day of celebration. I was tempted to tell you that besides my good friend’s birthday, it’s nothing special. But that made me pause. I realize I almost fell into the trap. And then the waves of feeling like we are all precious human beings on this earth that should really revel in each moment we have air to breathe came over me. So I will allow that sentiment for a moment… we get one chance. We are here now, to perhaps make small differences or maybe change the course of history. No one … [Read more...]