How To Not Set Goals


No, really. I mean it. Goal setting is so last year. And yes, I may be partially kidding… But here is what I know for sure: Sometimes what we do when we are trying to set goals is we end up setting ourselves up for failure. And that can be a tricky situation as most of us have decided that failure is personal and we make it our own, whether it’s good or bad. And then, we end up frustrated that we didn’t do what we wanted to accomplish and end up walking away from completion of the goal before we ever really started.   Happy New Year. This is the time of resolutions and goals and … [Read more...]

Finding Joy Despite The Sadness


Every Christmas Eve, I usually write my Christmas blog. It's usually late, when I get back from church. However, this year I am writing it before.... Just not sure what I will have left later on tonight. From my heart to yours.... And so it is... Christmas time has crawled its way back again, sneaking up on me like the one person you try to avoid in a crowded room. There they are. And you have to talk to them regardless of how you feel. Last Christmas felt the same. Some kind of dread... knowing mom wasn't well. However, showing up last year I didn't really understand at the time that … [Read more...]

The Anatomy of a Team


From head to toe, teams can be tricky to navigate. A mix of personalities and agendas can make team-building a mighty feat. And it can also become a task that is not for the faint of heart. It can also be a completely beautiful yet complex process of discovery. I have spent countless hours with teams of all shapes and sizes, from sports to schools to corporations to musicians, all with one goal in mind. To come together surrounding their specific mission. And whatever that was, to realize that with many different people involved, the only way to really get past the survival mode is to learn … [Read more...]

She called me by name…


Here’s what I know for sure… we all want two things in life. And by want, I mean we desire and yearn for and search, long and run after the moment we see a glimpse. Well, sometimes perhaps it’s that drastic, other times we are just aware it exists. And by having an awareness of our real desires, we are so much more apt to find, especially when we are not even looking. That’s real bliss actually…When we no longer have to seek, but it just finds us. I could go on but first let me tell you about these two things.   We all want to be SEEN and we all want to be LISTENED TO. Notice, I … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

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I spent many a day beating myself up for doing it wrong. And “it” refers to just about anything. I played the “I am not doing it right” game, or worried that I would make a fool of myself if anyone saw that I wasn’t as good at something as they were. I was in college before I started to break out of that, and even then it was still an issue. I told myself that I couldn’t long before I even tried. And the vicious cycle began. I couldn’t let go of it and by the time I realized it was happening, I was out of control.   I have always said that perfectionism has been my best and more … [Read more...]