When It’s Hard… Remember WHY

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It’s so simple to decide to do something. It’s a yes. It’s a time that signals the start of something. It’s a want for different. It’s a need for change. But that first decision screams YES, and it is the beacon for all the others in its path that are yet to come. I often start my coaching, both one-on-one and with teams, with this one question: WHY? Why do you play the sport, run the race, do the work, fight the fight, practice and train as hard as you do? What is the fire in your belly that gets you up early and keeps you up late? What makes your heart skip a beat when you … [Read more...]

One Percent Doubt, You’re Out.


One Percent Doubt, You’re Out. There are certain things in our lives that we don’t doubt. Ever. Unconditional love, the fact that my dog will get up and wag his tail like he’s missed me for years every time I walk in the door, the way a cold ice cream cone tastes on a summer day at the beach. Things we just know… we know. And there isn’t even an ounce of “not knowing” that creeps in. Not one. And then something changes and we get our heart broken by the person we never thought would break our heart, the dog gets older and can’t get off the couch, and the ice cream is no longer the thing … [Read more...]

Because You Are Always Enough


There is a belief that being good enough is settling for less than your full potential. I say that is not entirely true. While there are many moments in my life where I desired more, I found myself constantly feeling like I wasn’t “there yet.” I started to wish for things to be better than they were. I began sentences with “I can’t wait for…” and the ending was always about big life moments, not just a dinner party with friends coming up on the calendar. Instead of loving the moments I was in, I found myself longing for the moments that may happen years from now, with different circumstances … [Read more...]

We’re All Somewhere In Between…

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Perfectionism may have been my greatest and worst asset growing up. It may have kept me from rushing things and making a mess of them and yet held me back from doing what I really wanted. It was the catalyst to some of my greatest desires to be good at what I did and was the fear that I wasn’t good enough. And in some ways it is still all of those things.   I grew up grateful to have a mother who always offered words of encouragement or life lessons. Three of the things that always stuck with me were her constant reminders of “This too shall pass,” “Do it good,” and “Eat what you … [Read more...]

How To Not Set Goals


No, really. I mean it. Goal setting is so last year. And yes, I may be partially kidding… But here is what I know for sure: Sometimes what we do when we are trying to set goals is we end up setting ourselves up for failure. And that can be a tricky situation as most of us have decided that failure is personal and we make it our own, whether it’s good or bad. And then, we end up frustrated that we didn’t do what we wanted to accomplish and end up walking away from completion of the goal before we ever really started.   Happy New Year. This is the time of resolutions and goals and … [Read more...]