Every organization deserves to be
led by compassionate leaders who understand the significance and relevance of building cultures rooted in empathy and belonging.

Those leaders know a company’s greatest asset will always be its people...

How can we help you capitalize on your culture? It’s our business, it’s what we do. And we recognize we aren’t meant to do this alone...
We’re making business human again.

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Whether you are trying to figure out how to lead your team virtually and through uncertain times, or are wondering how to keep your teams engaged, we can help. Emerge with your team focused, morale boosted, with an unshakable confidence in your leadership.

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“We could have hired one of the big consulting companies to come in and work with us to create a stronger culture here, but we didn’t. We chose you because you are making this work HUMAN again.” 

Mike D., President, Chester County Hospital.


The Problem

According to Gallup (State of the Global Workplace as of July 2020), we are facing the most significant drop in U.S. employee engagement, dating back to the beginning of their history of tracking data in 2000.

At the core of those affected? Leaders and Managers. Since employee engagement is highly related to many performance outcomes, this unprecedented drop has significant potential performance consequences.

Even more telling? 75% of employees left their last job because of the lack of trust and confidence in senior leadership and the feeling they didn’t belong.

The Solution

Jen helps create a company culture that is focused on compassionate leadership and belonging. She inspires employees to engage, to want to show up everyday and to do it in a safe space.

Gallup says, Workplace engagement is highly related to building an inclusive culture.” We take that a step further and create cultures where everyone knows and FEELS that they belong.

HOW? Jen develops leaders who understand that “why and who” matters, just as much as how and when they show up.  She helps us all realize that moving corporate culture from inclusion to belonging changes everything.

Clients Include


As a dynamic and memorable speaker, Jen Croneberger is one of the most sought-after thought leaders in business today.

She is able to communicate a message around peak performance, inspiration, compassionate leadership and belonging in a way that the audience is encouraged, driven, and moved to take action and make a difference.


Jen works with companies large and small as well as government agencies who need strategic leadership support and programs that transform culture and engagement.

She has consulted in a vast array of industries which include healthcare, retail, education,
pharmaceutical, professional sports, and the financial sector.


Jen is the founder of the HUMAN Leadership Institute and has studied coaching, leadership and team dynamics for over 20 years both in sports and in a corporate setting.  After hearing Jen speak at an event, many are impacted and want to dive deeper into how they are showing up in the world today. 

Jen’s coaching programs allow for this direct support to take place as you design your own breakthrough based in research, science and real life.

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Jen Croneberger

HUMAN Leadership

As the Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of JLynne Consulting Group and the Founder of the HUMAN Leadership Institute, Jen Croneberger has been on the TEDx stage 4 different times.

She speaks for corporations and organizations looking to inspire their teams from within. Her focus is in helping leaders learn how to compassionately lead using a proven methodology that puts the power of the HUMAN spirit at the center of every company’s success.

Her Master’s Degree is in Sports and Human Performance Psychology and is a “Dare to Lead” Instructor. She holds certifications from the Harvard Business School in Sustainable Business Strategy, Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell University and The Science of Well-Being from Yale University. Jen was selected as a member of the Forbes’ Coaches Council for 2020 and publishes articles on Forbes.com regularly.

She has a podcast called the Possibility Project and Published her first book in 2012 called These Five Words Are Mine. Listed as one of the best Motivational Speakers in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, Jen is a storyteller who will remind you that being authentic is about the most important thing you can deliver to the world.

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